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Introduction of Survey Project Manager

SPM is a complete IT solutions provider for survey research industry, solutions whose sole purpose is to simplify business processes for our clients and help their business grow. The dedicated teams at SPM cover product development, technical support, consulting and sales. When you deal with us, you are directly coming in touch with people with expertise in survey research industry.

Offering complete range of survey research project management solutions, SPM solution and services meet major requirements of survey research project management solutions. Designed and developed keeping in mind the complexity and inter-connectivity of the various functions in the industry while keeping up with the international standards of practice and technology.

SPM keeps with the latest technology by continually identifying the latest technological trends which gives us a distinct advantage over the competition. SPM puts maximum resources towards research and development which helps us to constantly keep SPM system/features in forefronts of innovation.

SPM solutions and services help our clients to measurably improve their operations. The company develops market-leading technologies including personalized server based solution or a SaaS based solution

Our clients get the best value for their buck and with each product they get the best of what technology has to offer in the industry.

The team at SPM knows that survey research is a tough domain to digest?. But our team has already gripped it, with it's huge experience and hard work. We have a clientele who are leading the industry and we already serve them, which keeps us updated with the business domain.

"Survey Back Office makes it easy to master customer insights. These insights drive strategy and are used to anticipate the needs of customers. And with happy customers, everyone wins..."

-Ashutosh Narayan

"Without Survey Back Office, my business model of fast, affordable, transparent research would not be possible."

-Mayank Bhanushali

Our Mission


Provide innovative products and best services to our clients, enabling them to offer superior service to their clients, in the field of survey research project management.

Our Vision


Our vision is to become a world leader in the survey research project management solutions, recognized for providing innovative customer centric products and services