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Features of Survey Project Manager

Effective & Efficient Features To Improve Productivity

Region Management

Manage region facilitates to enter hierarchical data for countries, states, zones and cities. And based on these region data, you filter your panels and projects and also analyze reports

Company Management

Manage your companies. You can create different types of companies. Either client/customer or panel vendors. Collect their contact details and capitalize on it

Contact Features

You can manage parent and child companies. Along with the contact titles and contact groups. So basically you can link your companies and contacts too.

Project Management

Manage projects with features like, completes and max complete, IR, LOI, CPC, Survey Links etc. It also facilitates for test surveys & project wise award points for your panel

Panel Vendors

We facilitate with panel vendors, Which increases your turn over time and also provides scope for adding more projects to your pocket. It also manages vendor project details

Panel list statistics

Check your projects LIVE statistics, which includes details like, Completes, Disqualified, Quota-full, IR, Average and Median LOI, Abandon & Blocked

Managed Redirection

You can cross verify and tally the redirections with your clients and with your panel vendors. You can also manage unique client links.


We provide with two type of pre-screen, One is a mini pre-screen where by you can simply capture Email, ZipCode, Age & Gender. If you require more then we also have a flexi pre-screen which can be customized by you

Link Management

The system facilitates to manage individual panel links, which covers completion link, dis qualify link, Quota full link. It also facilitates to pass data and variables to links

Panel List Rewards

We facilitate with internal panel list reward management system. Where by the company can define the reward points. It also includes a reward request tracking system.

Survey Invitees

Send survey invitees to internal panel list. The invitations are sent in bunches and they could be either new invitees or a reminders which are in context with the invitation bunches

Customized Questions

The system facilitates to manage create user defined questions, These questions are been categorized and can be questioned during panel recruitment and/or in panel profile

Client / Vendor Invoicing

Create invoices directly from your completes. No more hassels for managing a seprate invoicing system

Client Receipt & Outstanding

A robust system to manage project wise, client wise, invoices, along with multi view outstanding.

Vendor Payment Outstanding

Project wise, manage multi invoice for each panel vendor, Along with their payments and outstanding

Sales Executive Commission

Sales executive commission system along with multi commission calculation system, commission outstanding reports and commission payouts

Project Manager Commission

Project Manager's full commission system which includes, multi commission calculation system, commission outstanding reports and commission payouts

Bulk Emails

Easiest way to create & send email campaigns or newsletters, to your existing contacts, So that you can capitalize on your data. Most amazing part is that it has a scheduler

Email Templates

You can add your own text, colors, images, formatting and even company logos. You can insert any details into the email exactly where they are needed. These facilitates you to communicate in your way

Content Management

Along with the survey solution, you also get an inbuilt content management system, Which will help you add content as per your choice and groom-up your static website. It also facilitates online panel recruitment on your landing page

Panel list Portal

We provide a different section for individual panel list, where by they can login and check their survey invitee, view their rewards and request for its redemption. Email to project manager for their queries and many more